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Our core program focuses on three areas, student stability, academic achievement and behavior modification. Students who are assigned to this program meet with their onsite Program Mentor at least three times a week and some students meet on a daily basis. The determination of the intensity of the contact is determined by the students behavioral referrals and academic progress. Access to E-School plus gives us daily information regarding the progress of our students. We review attendance, assignments, assignment completion, behavioral referrals, and grades.

This holistic program was developed in 2014 to help students destress. Many underserved youths are faced with a myriad of stressful situations at home, at school and in their communities. This program allows our underserved young males to have a safe environment to express their views, attitudes and vulnerabilities.

Developed in 2015 currently with 60 students attending the YLA works with young ladies ages 14-18. Facilitators work daily to help them learn conflict resolutions, positive self-image, self-esteem and healthy relationships, as well as informed decision making. Guest speakers and in school presenters guide students through improving, self-esteem, anger management, work readiness to include dressing for success.

Funds from the DOL when available, have placed 75 kids in summer jobs. Students are assisted with resumes and interviewing skills by their Program Mentors. They must apply for the positions and go through an interview process just as any candidate would for a position. Students who are selected are taken through an orientation process to include workplace etiquette, how to fill out a timesheet, money management and banking. Program mentors monitor the youth throughout the summer along with their onsite supervisor.

In February of 2016 ,we developed our Business Partner program. We actively worked with our small graduating class of (11) students in 2016 to place them in part-time and or full-time employment. This program will actively assist students in gaining the skills sets needed to vie for and obtain full /part time jobs. We are continuously working with various businesses throughout Sussex and Kent county to understand the skills sets needed in the workplace so we can ready our students to be able to compete upon graduation.

Developed in 2012, the goal of the outreach initiative is to keep the community and parents informed about school policies rules and regulations. The forums that occur throughout are a way for parents and community, especially in the underserved communities, to voice any concerns they have with school personnel. PTS acts as the facilitators for these meetings, helping parents of students who are typically in our programs articulate concerns and or suggestions to school officials.