What is SHARE Delaware and what is its purpose?
SHARE Delaware is a collaboration enterprise of Delaware Alliance for Nonprofit Advancement and Philanthropy Delaware. Our mission is to transform the Delaware nonprofit and philanthropy community through universally accessible and useful information for the purpose of inspiring collaboration and driving sustainable impact.

How did you get my organization's information?
All of the financial information comes from the 990 form that an organization files each year.  We upload the tax form along with basic information.  It is then up to each organization to add any additional information.

Why isn’t my organization included in the database?
As part of this project, SHARE Delaware selected nonprofits that are actively providing services in the state, have a registered EIN, and have filed a 990.  Nonprofits whose purpose is to raise money or distribute grants were not included, nor were social organizations. If your organization is not listed, you can request to have it added by emailing the SHARE Delaware manager.  You will need to include your TAX ID for your organization’s Fiscal Agent and include recent financial documentation to be considered.  

Can I update and add more information to the database?
Once you register with the SHARE Delaware database, your organization can update and add information regarding the organization and its programs. Registering is strongly encouraged.  If you are having trouble doing so, please contact us at SHARE Delaware (302-333-8004). There is also a place to ask questions on the homepage of sharedelaware.org that will be forwarded to SHARE Delaware administrators.

If information is incorrect in the database, who can I call to help me correct it?
A SHARE Delaware representative will be able to offer guidance and any help necessary at 302-333-8004.

How can I connect with similar nonprofits in my sector?
The database is a tool to enhance connections among nonprofit organizations. Contact information and locations are provided as a tool for everyone to access.  If you wish to contact one of the organizations, please use the database as a resource.

Will my new 990 tax form information automatically be updated into the system each year?
Yes, we will utilize the information from the government to update any nonprofits data upon received 990 forms.  If there is more information that what is reflected on the 990 such as new programs, you will be responsible for adding that information.

How can I have my organization removed from the database if we do not want to be included?
Contacting the SHARE Delaware administrator is necessary to remove your organization and information that has been shared.  Content may take up to a week to be removed, depending on circumstances.