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Part 1: YWCA delaware is dedicated to eliminating racism and empowering women. - Part 3: YWCA delaware is dedicated to eliminating racism, empowering women, and promoting peace, justice, freedom and dignity for all.

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YWCA Delaware Inc
100 W 10th St Ste 515
Wilmington, DE 19801
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Home life management center - provides safe housing for families experiencing homelessness in an emergency and transitional housing environment where participants are empowered through comprehensive case management to become self-sufficient, financially stable, and exit to independent and sustainable permanent housing. Accomplishments: over 150 vulnerable individuals were safely housed and economically stabilized. Over 90% exited to safe and stable housing; 100% of families improved financial capability, which included job acquisition or retention, living within a budget, establishing savings behaviors, and building or repaying credit. Approximately 100 survivors of domestic violence participated in support groups and those who needed it received ongoing individual therapy to recover from trauma.

Economic advancement - YWCA's economic advancement programs include homeownership education and foreclosure prevention, financial empowerment, and wand - wo(men) achieving new directions, which provides work-readiness and self-employment/micro-business training for women and their families . These programs are designed for our clients to achieve economic independence and upward mobility. The target populations served with these programs are low to moderate-income women and their families with household earnings at or below 80% of area median income. All programs are open to anyone interested in participating but our target market includes those who need additional household income and May be: unskilled, low formal education, first-generation adult worker, criminal record, (cont'd on sch. O) home bound or transitional (e.G. Divorce, widow, domestic violence survivor, long-term caregivers, veterans). Accomplishments: the YWCA reached more than 600 individuals and their families during the year. 87% of participants demonstrated increased financial stability and 96% of families experiencing a foreclosure crisis achieved stability after a housing crisis. In the wand program, 70% of participants developed viable strategies to increase household income through self-employment.

Sexual assault response center (sarc)- the sexual assault response center (sarc) provides comprehensive, free and confidential rape crisis services to sexual assault survivors aged 12 and older and their non-offending family members, friends and partners throughout the state of delaware. Through our 24-hour crisis hotline, aftercare and counseling services, sarc is committed to providing healing, hope and empowerment to individuals whose lives have been impacted by sexual violence whether the assault happened yesterday or many years ago. Accomplishments: more than 4,469 individuals were served through sarc's helpline, aftercare and counseling services. 100% of victims in crisis received emergency advocate intervention to facilitate trauma recovery and 96% of callers to the helpline felt empowered to make decisions during recovery.