Serviam Girls Academy Inc

Wilmington, DE

Serviam girls academy is a tuition-free, independent Catholic middle school in the ursuline tradition for young women of all faiths from low-income families. Serviam empowers students to succeed in high school and become leaders who serve their families and the needs of society through a dynamic academic program and the development of the whole person in an atmosphere of respect and responsibility. Families must qualify for the federal free/reduced school lunch program in order to enroll.

Serviam Girls Academy Inc
900 n washington st
Wilmington, DE 19801
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Serviam girls academy is a beacon of light and hope for its 120 girls who either have graduated from or currently attend serviam, and their families, all of whom recognize the vital role education plays in building a promising future. Among the student body, 90% qualify for the national free/reduced lunch program - our income criteria for admissions; 83% are african american and 16% hispanic or latino; and, 61% of the students are being raised in a single parent household. In order to fulfill its educational mission to educate the whole child for success in high school and beyond, serviam seeks to provide: .A core curriculum based on the common core and next generation science standards, with particular emphasis on writing across the curriculum; .A full day of instruction that includes a daily study hour and enrichment hour every Monday through Thursday; . A holistic program that includes daily physical education/health, weekly leadership and cultural alignment skill building, access to both trauma-informed cognitive behavioral group sessions and individual therapy, as well as an integrated, hands-on curriculum that includes planting, maintaining, and harvesting a garden, to name a few; . An enrichment program that balances athletics -- both competitive (volleyball, basketball, track) and non-competitive (zumba, swimming, golf, tennis, etc.) -- Sports with the arts -- film, dance, drama, fine arts, dance, as well as stem, debate/mock trial, and entrepreneurial projects; . Support of serviam's dedicated faculty and staff in order that they May better foster a passion for learning and personal growth; . Daily healthy breakfast and two snacks and, ideally, healthy options for lunch; . Two high school prep classes per week for the 8th graders to help facilitate the high school application and admissions process, including scheduling shadow days, completing applications and financial aid forms, and preparing for interviews and high school entrance exams; . Monthly to bi-monthly communications with serviam graduates and a minimum of two annual on-site meetings with serviam's alumnae now in high school, and, when possible, college students for support and guidance; . One to two formal opportunities per year for graduates to convene at serviam for community building and support; and, . A graduate tracking system to monitor and measure performance and engagement at all levels to help guide improvements in the program.